The Convenience of Ordering Delivery of Ice For Parties in Long Island, NY

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Before homes had refrigerators, people could keep food cool during the warm weather seasons by having blocks of ice delivered. The ice would be placed into a contraption called an icebox, turning it into a rudimentary refrigerator. Even today, some individuals occasionally refer to that appliance by this term. The idea of delivering dozens of bags of ice for parties in Long Island, NY, would astound 19th-century men and women.

Historic Trivia

Back then, ice had to be harvested from frozen waterways. Ice suppliers had to find ways to keep it frozen so they could deliver it to customers. This meant that ice might only be available for purchase during part of the year, depending on the region. However, as early as 1806, ice was being transported by ship from one country to another.

Hosting a Big Event

Even now, it’s tough for many folks to make enough ice for parties in Long Island, NY at home when they’re planning to host a big event. They might have a chest freezer, but it’s probably packed full of food. Some of that food might be for the party. They’d also have to buy a couple of hundred ice cube trays to equal the number of ice cubes in bags they’d order from a supplier.

Of course, those cubes aren’t just for placing in glasses that hold cocktails, soft drinks and bottled water. The hosts of the party want to fill coolers with ice too. That way, they can keep cans of soda and beer, as well as bottles of water and pre-mixed cocktails, chilled. Everybody appreciates being able to grab a cold beverage of choice.

An Appreciated Service

Across the nation, the ice industry does billions of dollars of business every year, even though people can make a fair amount of ice in their own homes. Commercial enterprises like restaurants and taverns also make their own ice. However, when a significantly larger amount than usual is necessary, people turn to a supplier like Business Name to deliver many bags of the cubes so they can dump out the hard, cold material into coolers.