The different types of mortgage rates

by | Aug 26, 2013 | Real Estate

When a person purchases a home, if they do not have sufficient cash then they will take out a mortgage. Mortgage rates on Long Island NY is the interest that the lender charges the individual who is using the money to purchase the home or other structure, the rates are quoted as annual rates. All mortgages bear interest however the rate can be either fixed or variable or at times, a combination of the two. The rate of interest can have a major impact on the amount the buyer must pay monthly, the lower the rate that the buyer can secure, the better off he or she is. Of the elements involved in a monthly mortgage payment; principle, interest, taxes and insurance, interest is the greatest proportion.

When an individual is negotiating the purchase of a home, he will be quoted an interest rate from the lender; this rate will be an annual percentage rate. It’s a simple calculation; the rate that is charged; say 6 percent, is the rate that will be applied to the entire outstanding balance of the loan. This is the amount of money that the lender will see in interest over the year.

When the mortgage is taken with a fixed rate of interest this simply means that the original rate that was agreed upon when the mortgage was taken will stay throughout the life of the mortgage. Nothing changes over the life of the loan, usually 15 or 30 years.

There are also mortgages offered which have variable Mortgage Rates On Long Island NY. These adjustable rate mortgages change with the financial index. As the index moves either up or down, the rate of interest follows suit. There are some variable rate mortgages that can vary monthly although most are adjusted on an annual basis. These types of loans can have both an upside and downside, at times the monthly payment may be well within the home owner’s budget, at other times the monthly payment may stretch the family’s budget.

There is little doubt that the interest rate charged for the loan can have a dramatic impact on the monthly payments. When the numbers are run, many people end up paying as much in interest alone as the original amount borrowed, hence the need for the largest possible down payment.

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