The Elements that Can Damage a Foundation and Require Foundation Leveling in Houston, TX

Foundations are designed for their strength. But there are some elements that can cause it to become compromised. This damage is often seen in the home’s structure when it causes wall cracks and roof cracks due to shifting. Sometimes, the only option for repair is to level the foundation and reinforce it to keep it strong. These are some of the items that can cause foundation damage.

One of the elements that can result in the need for Foundation Leveling in Houston TX is water intrusion. This can happen because of improper drainage or a lack of good sloping. It can also happen after a heavy rain. The ground around the foundation expands and contracts as the moisture content in the soil changes. This can become a real issue over time and cause foundation problems. It is also the major culprit for foundation problems.

Another element that can result in a compromised foundation is the growth of trees near the home’s foundation. While trees provide plenty of shade for their home, their roots are strong enough to destroy a home’s foundation over time. These roots can grow underneath a home’s foundation and into tiny cracks in the concrete. Over time, this will cause the foundation to become damaged and uneven. In addition to leveling the foundation, the tree and its roots will have to be removed to ensure further damage does not occur.

An improperly laid foundation can also result in the need for Foundation Leveling in Houston TX. If the foundation isn’t poured and cured properly, cracks will develop. This will allow any type of intrusion to get into the foundation. Because the concrete is already weak to begin with, it doesn’t take as long for problems to develop. Even a minor rainfall can become a source of a big crack.

These are some of the things that can cause issues in the foundation. You can click for additional info about how to get your foundation repaired. Because the foundation carries the weight of the home, it is important that it remains strong. Any compromise in it can diminish this strength.