The Gilroy: No Longer A Movie Prop

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If you are a fan of Matt Damon, Brad Pitt and the George Clooney in the entire Ocean’s movie series, then you undoubtable remember the scene in Ocean’s Thirteen where Lenny Pepperidge is able to seduce Abigail Sponder. This all happens because of a little, tiny patch he calls The Gilroy. All he does is carefully apply it to his neck and let the invisible scent do its thing.

In the scene you see Abigail Sponder, played by Ellen Barkin, completely succumb to the sexual appeal of Lenny, not because of his good looks but because of some magical effect from The Gilroy. While you may have assumed this was all part of the movie and not a real possibility that patch is now available for both men and women.

The Science behind The Gilroy

The Gilroy, although not called by that name, is just as powerful as that movie prop. It is designed to be worn just under the shirt collar on men on either the side or the back of the neck. Small in size and clear, it is virtually impossible to see but will provide hours of pheromones that will have a noticeable effect on women. For men the patch contains a combination of Androstenol and Androsterone, two powerful male pheromones.

The product is activated by heat from the body, which only starts releasing the pheromones when applied to the skin. This allows the product to be stored easily without any loss of potency or impact once applied.

The Effects

By using The Gilroy you will definitely notice a change in your interactions with the fairer sex. The specific combination of pheromones found in the patch is designed to give the signal that you are approachable, open to communication and comfortable to be around. It will not create the over the top reaction seen in the movie, but you will find that women talk to you more and that conversation and communication with women is more open and positive.

Unlike some pheromones, The Gilroy will not create an aggressive, alpha male impression, but rather an impression of someone that is safe, reliable and a great person to be around. Many men find they need to use only a quarter of a patch, making this a great investment in your interaction with women. Contact TruePheromones for more information.