The Importance of a Regular Oil Change in Beaverton

by | Jun 16, 2014 | Automotive

When you need an oil change for your vehicle, you should be vigilant about getting it done at least every 3,000 miles. You may not realize the importance of oil change Beaverton, but putting it off can lead to a lot of issues. Regularly changing the oil and the oil filter in your vehicle can help your engine run a lot more smoothly. If you tend to drive your vehicle often for short trips, then your engine will heat up and the cool down for a long period which will create condensation. This moisture will start to accumulate in the oil fill cap and cause a mess in the form of a gray oily glob. This oily glob is often diagnosed as some type of engine problem, but it is caused by the condensation that occurs after you turn off your vehicle. If you run your car often and for longer periods, you will not have to deal with this issue.

Your owner’s manual prescribes the maximum time intervals between oil changes, and this is an important guideline that should be followed where possible. An experienced mechanic who takes care of your oil change Beaverton will be able to spot a variety of issues (if they exist) that might cause your vehicle to breakdown. They will also look for leaking fluids, belts that are cracked or frayed, hoses that bulge, wiper blades that are no longer serviveable and tires that are unsafe. Having a regular oil change can be a good benchmark for your vehicle’s maintenance requirements. If fluids constantly need to be replaced, for example, this could be an indication that something is leaking.

When the oil is changed on your car, the underside of your vehicle is more closely examined. This can help to identify issues like the need for a new exhaust system, torn CV boots, broken or loose parts or other areas of concern. Finding a reputable shop like Du Fresnes Auto Service Inc Beaverton can a big difference in extending the life of your vehicle and keeping it safe for everyday driving. Do not neglect regular maintenance and never underestimate the importance of regular oil changes. Browse website for more details.

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