The Importance of Breast Care in NJ

by | Mar 23, 2013 | Health

The best way to prevent or catch breast cancer early on is with proper breast care in NJ. When it is caught early, doctors have an easier time curing the patient of the disease. The responsibility lies on the patient in not only keeping regular doctor appointments but following proper routines for preventive care. One of the most important steps a woman can take is properly performing self-examinations as the doctor recommends.

Monthly Tests

The most important thing a woman can do is perform self-examinations of her breasts on a monthly basis. The time of the month should be consistent to ensure you are comparing the same tissue month after month. If you perform the exam during the time of your menstrual period one month and not during that time the next month, your tissues could feel differently, causing you unnecessary alarm. Choose a week that is free from hormonal changes and stick to that week each month.

Performing the Test

Proper breast care in NJ means performing the exam the way your doctor or healthcare professional recommends. Most professionals recommend women check their breasts while in the shower and looking in the mirror, as well as lying down. This gives you a thorough examination of all areas of the breast and gives you the best chance at finding any lumps early on. The exam in the shower and while lying down is to physically feel the lumps, while the exam in the mirror is meant for you to physically see if anything has changed.


It is important to not skip the mammogram, even if you don’t feel any lumps or changes in your breasts. The mammogram can detect cancerous tumors long before you can feel them. Many women who had no idea they had tumors have had them detected by this test. If your doctor feels a test is necessary, it is best to follow his orders.

Proper breast care in NJ starts at home with proper self-examinations. Once per month, typically the same time each month, you should examine your breasts for any changes or lumps. You can perform the test standing up in the shower, looking in the mirror or while lying down. Experts recommend using all three methods to ensure you catch any changes early on to ensure your overall health and wellbeing.

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