The Importance Of Having A Wide Variety Of Empty Gelatin Capsule Sizes

Anyone who purchases pill capsules for pharmaceutical or nutritional supplement use knows that it is very important to obtain the exact number and sizes of pill capsules you require with as little trouble or effort as possible. Medication, whether it is for specific, prescribed medical use or a simple dietary supplement, naturally requires very specific doses. You may require a very small dose of only 120 mg, or one as large as over 800 mg, or anything in between. It is important to have these available as easily as possible, so that the ordering can be done quickly and efficiently, and without being forced to make multiple, separate orders. Therefore, having a wide range of empty gelatin capsules sizes is one of the most important things to be aware of.

In addition to simply the volume of medication that a pill can contain, its overall size is important to the patient as well. Some people require pills that are easier to swallow, which means that they would do better to have multiple smaller capsules instead of a single larger one. Other people, by contrast, may prefer to have the medication done with as soon as possible, and have no trouble swallowing a larger capsule. Another example would be the difference between what children are able to swallow and what adults are able to swallow. It is best to be able to fulfill any of these needs. This is another reason that being able to easily order a large variety of empty gelatin capsules sizes without much effort can be vital in maintaining customer and patient satisfaction.

Let’s face it, no one likes taking pills, and the easier it is for the customers or patients to get the pill size that they are most comfortable with, the less painful the situation will be for everyone involved. That is why, when you purchase your gelatin capsules, you should take care and time to get as many varieties of capsules as your specific medication might require. The medication itself may be what helps the patient physically, but a little bit of simplification of their pill selection and swallowing process couldn’t hurt either.

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