The Importance of Hiring a DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs WV

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Getting a DUI conviction is one of the most dreaded things. This is probably for good reasons. First, DUI charges attract very strict sentences and penalties. Secondly, having a DUI in your record is a permanent, detrimental mark in your criminal record. These are the reasons if you are arrested on DUI charges, you should hire a DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs WV.

The dangers of handling a DUI alone

The state is very strict about taking measures against anyone that is found driving under the influence. This means that being arrested on DUI charges is an almost certain way of getting one or more of the following punishments:

Your driver’s license will be revoked, at times, the car may be impounded.

There will be a heavy fine.

You might have to do jail time especially if the Dui resulted in an involuntary manslaughter.

The DUI charge stays in your record for many years and shows up on every criminal background check. This can ruin many chances and opportunities later in life.

Not many insurers will be okay with paying for personal injury claims resulting from a DUI, this means that you may have to settle the bill if sued for damages by another party.

The importance of hiring a DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs WV

The attorney will start by having a look at the arresting procedures that were used. This will be used to determine whether you were wrongly arrested. For instance, for traffic police officer to make a traffic stop, they need to have a strong probable cause. If the officer does not provide a strong probably cause for the stop, for instance, if you were not speeding, driving too slow, ignoring traffic lights or weaving through traffic carelessly, everything that happened after the stop becomes questionable. Secondly, they will look into the field alcohol tests that were administered and try to refute their accuracy in judging whether you were too drunk to operate a vehicle or not.

These are important things to know about hiring a DUI Lawyer in Berkeley Springs WV. To get a competent lawyer for your case, go to website URL.