The Importance of Home Health Care Dayton During Cancer Treatments

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When you are faced with the fact you have cancer, it can be a trying time. No one ever wants to hear they are in need of cancer treatments, but these treatments save lives every day. Though cancer treatments can help to rid your body of cancer, they can also cause lasting problems in your body. The side-effects of cancer treatments can often leave patients unable to properly care for themselves. To help patients avoid being hospitalized, it can help to have Home Health Care Dayton services. This allows a nurse to come out as often as the doctor recommends, so your health care needs can be met in the comfort of your own home.

How Can Home Health Care Dayton Services Help You During Your Cancer Treatments?

Medications — Through the help of your home health nurse, your medications can be properly administered. Often, cancer patients must have injections and even IV medications given. It is imperative these medications are given properly, for them to be helpful to your health. The nurse will be able to work with your doctor, making sure your medications are being effective in helping with the side-effects of your treatments.

Vitals — Since cancer treatments often wreak havoc on your body, this can cause your vital signs to go up and down. Minor fluctuations may not be dangerous, but big changes in your vital numbers could be signs of serious problems. To make sure your vitals are at their proper levels, the nurse will check your blood sugar, blood pressure and your temperature at each visit.

Personal care — Bathing and going to the bathroom can sometimes be difficult when you are weak from cancer treatments. Through the help of a home health care nurse, you can receive help with these personal care needs.

If you are going through cancer treatments and want to be able to remain at home, home health nursing may be an option. Contact Horizon Home HealthCare LLC and find out your options for care. They will be glad to provide you with all of the services you need, to make sure you stay as healthy as possible during your treatment.