The Importance of Seeing a Slab When Selecting a Granite Slab For Countertops in Minneapolis

by | Nov 13, 2013 | Home Improvement

Often times, you are shown a small sample of the materials that may be used when you are selecting new materials for a kitchen or a bathroom. For example, you may be shown small tiles samples, small cabinet samples or small color samples. But when it comes to selecting the granite for your countertops in Minneapolis, it is important to look at the actual slabs you cane select from, rather than a small sample. Here are some of the reasons why it is so important to look at an entire slab.

Each Slab Has Its Own Pattern and Distinctive Markings:

Granite is a natural stone. It is not a manufactured product. As such, there are going to be differences from slab to slab. One of the biggest differences in the slabs is the markings and distinctive patterns that each slab has. What one person may view as an imperfection, another person may view as a beautiful and distinctive mark.

The Color Can Vary From Slab to Slab:

The color of a slab of granite can vary widely from one slab to the next, even if the slabs are considered the same type of granite. This is the same as many other things in found in nature, such as grass and trees. Similar trees may look similar, but they can have different colors on them. So can similar slabs of granite. Looking at the slabs helps you find the slab for your Countertops in Minneapolis that has the coloring you prefer.

The Veining Can Vary From Slab to Slab:

The last feature that can vary from one granite slab to another is the veining on the slab. Some veins are more distinct and prominent, while others are more faint or less visible. Seeing a variety of slabs will help you select the exact slab that appeals to your preferences and tastes.

Granite fabricates and sellers, such as Granite Unlimited Inc., should have no problem letting you see an a variety of the granite slabs they have in stock and available for purchase, as they know how and why it is important. If a company is unwilling to show you actual slabs, find a different company to shop with.

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