The Importance of Seeing the Family Dentist in Casa Grande, AZ for Tooth Injuries

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Tooth injuries can occur in a variety of different ways and can range from mild to severe. When an injury occurs, it is imperative you are seen at the Family Dentist in Casa Grande, AZ. With prompt dental care, the dentist can often repair your tooth, preventing you from having further damage and needing a tooth extraction. Even if your tooth has been completely knocked out, you can have it repaired through your dentist.

Types of Tooth Injuries and How They are Repaired

1. Cracks — When the tooth is not structurally sound, it can crack when you eat a hard food. Cracks in the teeth need to be repaired before they break. A crack in the tooth can be repaired through a special dental compound. This repairs the tooth so it does not break further.

2. Broken teeth — When your tooth completely breaks, it needs to be repaired before the nerve becomes exposed. If the nerve is exposed in your broken tooth, it can cause serious pain that can be difficult to control. When you come in with a broken tooth, the dentist can repair the tooth and may recommend you have a cap put on to protect the stability of the tooth.

3. Knocked out teeth — When your tooth becomes knocked out, it is imperative you seek dental care right away. When a tooth is knocked out, this does not mean it is lost permanently. These teeth can often be put back into place so you do not lose the tooth entirely. When your tooth is knocked out, you need to make sure your bring the tooth with you in a cup of cool water or milk. This will keep the tooth fresh so the dentist can possibly put the tooth back into place.

If you have an injury in your teeth, the damage can quickly progress. Seeing the dentist as soon as possible may allow you to save your teeth and prevent further issues. If you need any type of dental services, contact Robert Hankel and Chris Ehrbright D.D.S. They can provide you with all of the dental care you need, to keep your smile healthy. Click here for more information.