The Importance of Washer Parts in Toledo for Washer Repair

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There are two basic types of washing machines: front loading machines and top loading machines. Each of these washer options can experience problems, parts malfunctions and other issues that lead to them not working properly. In many cases it can be a simple fix, such as replacing the offending Washer Parts in Toledo, while others may require a bit more of an extensive fix.

Some of the most common issues with washing machines are highlighted here, along with quick tips to make sure they are working properly.

Leaking Washer

There are a number of problems that may be associated with a leak in your washer, including fill hoses that are not fully tight at the washer fill valve or water supply; drain pip restriction that is caused by a blockage in the pipe; tub water injection leaking hose; a leaking pump; a leaking tub; a washer that overfills; and a restricted water inlet. Each of these problems can be rectified by replacing the Washer Parts in Toledo that have caused the problems.

Washer that doesn’t Spin

If your washer is no longer spinning, during the spin cycle, there could be a number of underlying issues. Some of the most common include: a defective lid switch; the lid plunger unable to make contact with the actual lid switch; the spin solenoid has burned out or wires that are cut; a broken or worn drive belt; and inefficient timer contact.

No Agitation

Another common issue with washing machines is a lack of agitation during the wash cycle. The most common parts that malfunction causing this problem include a worn drive belt; the drive spindle or agitator dog cam wearing out; a bad contact for the internal timer; a warn wig-wag plunger or transmission mode lever; and open lid switch or pressure switch not sensing when the water level has reached the point to switch to the agitate cycle.

If you have any washer parts issues that you are not sure how to fix, or exactly which part is responsible for the problem, contact Household Centralized Service for assistance in fixing the issue and getting your washer to once again work properly.