The Importance of Water Treatment in Glens Falls

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Business

Having clean water is a necessity of life. To be able to drink water, you want to make sure impurities are removed and it has a good taste. Whether you have a municipal water source or a well, it is important to know your water is safe to drink. Since many water contaminants and even minerals can cause health issues and damage to your plumbing pipes and appliances, it is vital to have your water tested by a professional company, to make sure you do not require Water Treatment in Glens Falls.

When you make an appointment to have your water checked, the water technician will first come out and check your water source. Through a series of tests, the technician can find any contaminants and can inform you if you have hard water. Hard water means your water source has a higher than normal reading for salty minerals. While these minerals are safe for consumption, they can wreak havoc on your plumbing and can cause issues with your water heater, washing machine and your dishwasher. Hard water can also affect the health of your hair and skin. Through water testing, your issues can be identified and treatment options can be offered.

There are many different methods for Water Treatment in Glens Falls. For those with minor issues, such as poor taste, a simple sink water filter may suffice. This removes chlorine and some of the harder minerals in the water so the water you drink is pure and has a fresh taste. If your home has a water source with many contaminants and hard water issues, you may need a whole house water treatment system. This purifies the water before it ever even enters your home so your family is protected and your plumbing and appliances are not at risk for damage.

If you would like to learn more about water testing and water treatment options, contact H2O Solutions and make an appointment for a consultation today. They will be glad to test your water and can offer you a wide range of treatment options as well as drinking water fountains.

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