The Industry Leading slitter machine Options and Technology

Converting machines vary in size, style and productivity. Obviously when you are looking for a slitter machine you want something that is going to produce minimal waste while remaining as quick and as user friendly as possible. There are many choices available on the market, so the mission is to find someone who understands your industry’s particular needs and develops products to meet those needs.

When choosing an efficient slitter machine with specifications there are many options to choose from depending on your company’s industry focus and needs.
There are two-drum surface winders which can reduce wasted materials and wasted time. These surface slitter rewinders are perfect for heavier materials but also work well with lighter materials. They are functional with coated and uncoated papers as well as some laminates.

Duplex slitter rewinders are the machine to choose when your focus is on narrow width slitting. Turret winders are fast-producing machines which shorten downtimes and increase productivity with ease. There are duplex and cantilevered single models available.

For the top options and most customized choices of slitter rewinders there is Catbridge. They are the leaders in the industry, well-known for consistently creating the most state-of-the art precision engineering machinery.

Catbridge creates some of the most user-friendly versions of each style of slitter machines listed above. In each category they have several models available. These models are designed to be customized with dozens of available optional features.

If you are uncertain exactly what you need or what will work best for you, do not worry. Catbridge will analyze your production needs to help you choose the perfect piece of equipment for your facility.  You can be certain that the equipment you order from them is exactly what you want and need. In addition to performing the work expertly it will also do it with less waste, less error and in less time.

Catbridge has a 25 year history in the field which has led to advancements within the industry that includes many patented technologies. These technologies include items such as automatic knife positioners, advanced controls and more. For effective results and personalized equipment, contact them today.

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