The Main Advantages of Porcelain Veneers In Indianapolis, IN

Porcelain veneers in Indianapolis IN are designed to cover teeth in the “smile zone” that are discolored, cracked, or have small chips. If a person has ever felt self-conscious about their smile, it is a good idea to schedule a consultation with a dentist. They can also learn more about the benefits offered by porcelain veneers here.

Cover and Conceal Discoloration, Cracks, and Chips

With porcelain veneers in Indianapolis IN, a person can have small cosmetic issues covered that may be visible when they talk or smile. During an initial consultation, the dentist can figure out if a person is a good candidate for this dental treatment. For example, the veneers may be able to conceal a gap between two teeth.

If a tooth is fragile, the dentist may recommend using a crown to help restore the tooth to its natural appearance and strength. In either case, the dentist can find the right solution for a person’s smile regardless of the issues present.

Maintain More of the Tooth’s Natural Structure

After enamel is removed from a tooth, it’s gone forever. The good news is, with porcelain veneers, only a very small amount of enamel has to be removed from the front of the tooth to make enough room for the veneers. Because the application of veneers is noninvasive, it may not even be necessary to use anesthesia while the enamel is removed.

Smile Confidently

The placement of veneers requires two visits to a dentist’s office. The first visit is when the enamel is removed so there is enough room for the veneer. During this visit, the dentist will take impressions of the teeth, which are then sent to the lab to create the permanent veneers.

When a person returns to the office, the dentist will apply the veneers. This allows a person to smile with confidence once the veneers are in place.

There’s no question that dental veneers offer an array of benefits. If a person is considering this treatment, they should consult their dentist and discuss any possible issues. They can also learn more about the services by taking the time to contact us.