The Many Advantages of Metal Roofs in Colorado Springs

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You may have noticed in your drives about town over the past few years that Metal Roofs Colorado Springs are sprouting on houses like flowers in a garden! Yes, this is a growing trend, and for any number of excellent reasons. For many people, the new metal roof they install on their home is the last roof they will ever buy, because properly installed, metal roofs can be quite reasonably expected to provide fifty years or more of trouble free service! In most cases, the metal roof can be installed directly over the top of an existing shingle roof, which then provides an additional layer of insulation. The cost, time, labor and landfill debris that would come from removing the old shingles is conveniently saved. When consumers have experienced problems (leaking, usually) with their metal roof installations, the cause is almost universally traced back to installation errors.

New metal roofs in Colorado Springs offer an excellent ROI (return on investment) for money spent. Metal roofs come in a wide number of colors as well as styles and materials. Metals used in roofing include aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, copper and coated steel. Shingles of metal are made to resemble traditional shingles (cedar shakes, for example) and some are coated so as to resemble natural stone. Not only are not only durable, but they do not draw, absorb and hold heat in the way that asphalt shingles do. Instead, they reflect the sun’s light and because of this trait they reduce the cost of your air-conditioning bills in the summer. They also do not catch and hold leaves, pine straw and other blown debris as do asphalt shingles. A metal roof will increase the value of your home. Be aware that some painted metal roofs may need to be repainted after twenty years or so, while other metals require no paint at all (zinc, copper) and yet will remain attractive throughout their lifetime.

Metal roofs are an environmentally responsible roofing choice. At the end of their long life, they are 100% recyclable, and will not contribute to landfill mass as is unfortunately, always the case when asphalt shingles are used.

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