The Many Benefits of Elevator Modernization in Washington, DC

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There have been too many movies and television shows in which the characters suddenly, unexpectedly, found themselves stuck in an elevator. So many, that an “Out of Order” sign hung on a bank of elevators is enough to cause distrust of an entire organization! Many people are quietly claustrophobic and have a real fear of being unable to exit the elevator’s small enclosure. They’re only able to tolerate short rides. These are the people you especially don’t want to see an “Out of Order” sign!

Thankfully, elevators that are properly inspected, maintained and kept up-to-date don’t generally develop the kind of problems that bring the claustrophobe’s catastrophic fantasies to life. Many older buildings have elevators that can benefit from the kind of Elevator Modernization in Washington, DC that ETI Elevator Technologies Inc. is able to offer. All elevators, regardless of age, make or model, can be modernized to offer your elevator passengers greater comfort, safety, reliability and aesthetics. Elevator doors endure the most wear and tear of any of the elevator’s parts. Replace your elevators’ mechanical safety edges with newer electronic edges. Revamp your elevator cabs and give your passengers a more comfortable and visually pleasing ride to their destinations. Install solid state controllers to replace outdated relay controls. Doing so increases the elevator’s speed and efficiency, getting passengers where they’re going quickly and smoothly.

Two important areas in which it is important to keep your elevators thoroughly modernized are one, your local fire code specifications, and two, the American Disability Act (ADA) requirements. Ensuring your elevators and buildings are fire-code compliant not only makes you and your elevator passengers safer, but serves to protect your entire building and investment. As for ADA requirements, the law mandates that elevators meet specific code requirements that cover a range of elevator functions, ensuring that they are accessible to persons in wheelchairs. Some of these include call buttons, hall signals, the floor surface of the cab, car position indicators, emergency communications, timing of the door’s signals, and more.

Seeing that your building’s Elevator Modernization in Washington, DC encompasses the above concerns will pay you dividends in the form of hassle-free operation, passenger confidence, comfort and safety. Visit .