The Many Uses for Bark Dust in Portland, Oregon

When it comes to landscaping, there are a wide range of different materials that you can use that are not only aesthetically pleasing but beneficial to the different trees and plants that exist in your landscaping design. One material that is used a great deal is bark dust. Bark dust is technically chipped up tree bark from either Douglas Fur trees or Cedar. In some cases, this bark dust can also be a product of hemlock trees. However, if you’re looking for Bark Dust in Portland, Oregon, and you have no experience in landscaping, you’re likely asking the question as to why this material is so useful.

It’s first necessary to understand that bark dust has many different applications. For example, cedar bark dust is typically used in children’s play areas. One of the reasons why this is used is that it is extremely soft and can be a great cushion material for children who may fall down around a designated play area. Rather than falling on concrete or gravel, cedar bark dust can eliminate some of the common injuries that occur when children fall down while playing.

From a landscaping standpoint, Bark Dust in Portland, Oregon is extremely beneficial in the health as well as the aesthetics of a landscaping design. Not only does it offer clear borders between grassy areas and vegetation such as shrubs, flowers gardens and trees but it can be beneficial to the health of these particular landscaping features. The inclusion of bark dust around trees or other plants can help keep the soil warm and moist year-round and it also naturally protects against the growth of weeds. This can be extremely beneficial when you’re talking about the health of a tree or the perennial beauty of a flower garden.

Regardless of whether you’re using bark dust for utilitarian reasons such as cushioning the fall of children when playing in a play area or whether you’re looking to improve the health and the aesthetics of various landscaping features, bark dust is an excellent material to use. With a wide range of different bark dust that can be used, it’s simply a matter of choosing what would be best for your landscaping in terms of its benefits and its aesthetics and purchasing the appropriate bark dust to be disseminated into your landscaping design.