The Most Commonly Used Dental Materials in Miami FL

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Dental health is a major issue in the country. This is because not many people practice the dental hygiene procedures that they should to avoid oral complications. However, even with great care, dental emergencies still occur. Below are some of the most commonly used Dental Materials in Miami FL.

Porcelain and ceramic

These two are very popular in the cosmetic dental industry. The reasons porcelain and ceramic are used in making things such as crowns, caps, veneers and bonding are as follows:

  • They are stain-resistant and natural looking.
  • They are ideal for strengthening the structure of teeth that have weakened due to fractures, breakages and other related problems.
  • These materials are very durable. When the procedure is carried out using these materials, you can be assured that the results will last a very long time.

These are some of the reasons porcelain and ceramic are very common in tooth reconstruction and improvement procedures.


Resin in a type of cement that has been used in strengthening the teeth since the 1980’s. Resin is mainly used in the process of bonding. For instance, crowns that are made from porcelain are bonded onto the tooth by use of resin. The benefits of using this material include:

  • It is ideal for processes such as securing bond fixed bridges to a person’s natural teeth.
  • Resin is a very strong and permanent bonding material. Besides, the material creates a very natural looking finish.

Cast gold and Zirconium

Before the improvement of porcelain making it less brittle, dentists used to make use of zirconium to strengthen the porcelain. Nowadays, there are still people that use cast gold or zirconium in dental procedures. It is quite expensive, but it creates very strong artificial dental replacements such as crowns and bridges. For more information contact Servi-Dent Miami FL today.

These are some of the materials that are in common use in the cosmetic dental industry. In case you are a dentist and need a supply of these Dental Materials in Miami FL, you can get them from Servi-Dent. They specialize in the provision of superior quality dental material. Visit us for more information about getting the best dental material.