The Pain of Divorce

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Divorce is not a pleasant thing for most people who have been through it. However, for a small majority it can be a relief to escape a situation that has caused them nothing but pain and angst. It is all relative to the actual state of the marriage at the time of the split and what caused the split in the first place. Marriage is supposed to be a lifelong commitment of two people who love one another and want to spend the rest of their lives together. However, as it has been well documented over the years, not all marriages succeed.

Many a time a marriage falls apart because one partner has an affair. This can cause extreme trauma to the injured party and make the situation unbearable. The partner might try to plead for forgiveness and sometimes it can actually work, but oftentimes it will not and the only solution is divorce. This is where it can get extremely nasty. Not all couples who separate can agree on the terms of the separation and often it leads to conflict, whereby both parties will hire an attorney to litigate the situation.

How Does a Divorce Lawyer Fight a Case

Marriages come under the jurisdiction of family law, unless criminal charges are brought against one party. However, a divorce, regardless of the circumstances remains the jurisdiction of the family courts. When a client hires a divorce lawyer in Pittstown PA, for example, that lawyer will compile a case in a similar way to any divorce lawyer around the country. It generally involved issues of property distribution, child custody, alimony and child support—if there are children involved in the marriage.

All divorces have to be certified, usually by a judge, who hears the case and submits a verdict. Once the divorce is granted, the recipients receive a ‘decree absolute’ to completely end the unification. If a couple decide to divorce simply because they do not have anything in common anymore but there are no ill feelings, they can choose a ‘no fault’ divorce, whereby they split the proceeds of the marriage and go their separate ways. However, this is not possible in every State of the United States. Some states insist on some fault being apportioned to one party in order to justify the divorce.

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