The Pawn Loans In Evanston Can Provide You With The Fast Cash You Need

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Are you short on cash? Has something important come up and you need some fast money? You could try to get a payday loan but the interest they charge is pretty high and you only have until your next payday to repay that kind of loan, together with the interest. If you have something of value, like gold jewelry, you can get one of the Pawn Loans in Evanston. One reason that a pawn loan is better than a payday loan is that they only charge about half of what you would pay anywhere else. Not only that, but they will never harm your credit or take you to court. If you decide not to repay a pawn loan, all that happens is they simply keep what you provided as security for the loan.

If you decide on getting one of the Pawn Loans in Evanston, you should choose a pawn shop that is a member of the Illinois and National Pawnbroker Association and that they are licensed, insured and bonded. When you walk into the shop, it should appear to be a safe, clean and professional looking place. When you talk to the staff there, they should treat you with respect and give you the personal attention that you know you deserve. After all, what they do is simply provide you with short term (30 to 60 days) collateralize, non-recourse loans. You pledge property and they make you the loan. When you repay the loan, including interest charged, your property is returned to you. Here are some of the services that they provide: loan programs that includes:

  • FREE Evaluations & Instant Cash
  • Low Affordable Fees on 30-60 Day Loan Agreements
  • Loans are Completely 100% Renewable
  • Keep Ownership & Still Get the Money you Need – No Need to Sell your Item

Jewelry isn’t the only thing that they will make loans on. Here is a partial list of things that are acceptable for pawn loans:

  • Diamonds
  • Rare coins
  • Gold, silver and platinum items
  • Watches
  • Artwork
  • Gaming consoles and games
  • Cameras
  • Electronics
  • Unique items that have value

Pawn shops like Windy City Jewelry and Loan pawns, buys, sells and trade items of value. If you choose not to redeem the provided collateral, there aren’t any credit consequences. The unredeemed item is generally put up for sale right in the same store. Get the cash you need quickly at your local pawn shop.