The Perks of Upper East Side Living

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When you begin shopping around for upper east side apartments in NYC, you’ll notice that many of the buildings offer numerous perks to entice prospective buyers and create a nice lifestyle for residents. The upper east side goes from Central Park to the East River and is a desirable area for families and individuals who want to live within Manhattan. This area is generally safe and charming, making it a prime real estate market for buyers and sellers. Because the upper east side is a prime real estate market, prices are competitive. However, the perks that you can get when you purchase an apartment are well worth the costs.

Private Gardens

When it comes to upper east side apartments, NYC residents are close to central park, but that hasn’t stopped some apartment building designers to create private gardens for residents. These gardens are a great perk because it provides you with privacy and safety while outdoors, and if your home faces the park, you will have a beautiful cityscape right outside your window.

Private Luxury Facilities

Every apartment building is different, but many offer private facilities for use by the residents and their guests. It’s popular to find a luxury spa that offers facials, body scrubs, and massages within the apartment building. This makes it easy to schedule an appointment for well-being treatments that leave you feeling pampered, and you don’t even need to leave the building.

There may also be a private gym that allows residents to workout 24/7, which is a great timesaver for those who work late and don’t have time to make it to an off-site gym. Family friendly apartment buildings may have a room designated for children. With top of the line toys, books, puzzles, and creative decorations, it’s the perfect hangout spot for kids and families.

Rooftop Lounge

Nightlife is important, but sometimes the rat race of New York City can leave you with little time to party. Many upper east side apartments in NYC offer private rooftop lounges where residents and guests can go to unwind and enjoy the city without having to worry about dinner reservations or waiting in long lines. Not only do you enjoy the beautiful cityscape at night, but it’s a great environment to unwind and have a drink after a stressful day.

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