The Power Of Peer-To-Peer Marketing On College Campuses

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Young adults between the ages of 18-24 are a unique target group to market to, especially if they are attending college. They are still somewhat isolated from the daily grind of having to work, yet they are also often on very limited budgets. They are fiercely independent, yet many attending college still rely on their parents somewhat financially. They value experts and professionals’ opinions, but they value and trust advice from friends more; which is why peer-to-peer marketing is highly effective with this age group.

The Expert Friend

One of the reasons peer-to-peer marketing for this demographic is so important is because you can tap into the friendship or social interaction of student brand ambassadors. These students can convey important information about your product in a fun, social way.

By providing free training, you can create a group of knowledgeable peer-to-peer marketing experts, who understand your product or service and can convey that information to others. However, if you use a marketing company that already has a peer-to-peer marketing cohort in place, you just provide the information to the company and they will handle the training and coordination of the peers on campuses that you select.

The “Us” Factor

While this may seem cliché, there is still a sense of distrust between college age students and the corporate world. Students may be hyper-vigilant to high-powered sales techniques so the more subtle and personal way of having other students deliver your message is critical to the success of peer-to-peer marketing on college campuses across the country.

In addition, it only makes sense that a trained peer-to-peer marketing ambassador will be more effective at understanding what your product or service offers to college students, since they are in the same position. If they use, talk about, and promote your brand or product naturally and in the course of a conversation, the message is received loud and clear without turning into a commercial on the spot.

A network or organization of peer-to-peer marketing can be coordinated on one campus or across multiple campuses, but it does take time, coordination and active training. Top marketing companies that specialize in campus advertising will have these networks already established, allowing you to tap into the power of peer-to-peer influence.

Our peer-to-peer marketing experts are able to develop a program for you.