The Problems with Mold

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Just the mere mention of the word ‘mold’ can make some people’s stomach’s turn. There are billions of small bacteria in the world, and in various locations, that can cause mold to build. You may have seen mold in a bathroom shower cubicle, as well as mildew, or on a piece of aging cheese. Mold is found everywhere and is caused by the growth of ‘simple’ organisms that grow organically. There are many type of mold that you will see on carpets, food, damp wood, damp clothing, and hundreds of other places and surfaces. Most molds are relatively harmless to the body but they can give you a nasty stomach ache if ingested. However, some molds can be toxic to the body and the environment.

Many homes contain mold that can go undetected for many years before it causes a known issue. However, in order to prevent mold build-up you can be very vigilant and make sure that areas are well ventilated, cleaned often and dusted. Some human health conditions are widely associated with certain kinds of mold. For instance, allergies and respiratory illness like asthma can be directly affected by mold, if not directly caused by it. Some common forms of mold are Cladosporium, Chaetomium, Stachybotrys, Alternaria and Aspergillus. Because of the dangers of some molds it is vital that they are correctly removed using remediation and repair services. If you need to remove mold from your home or place of business you should contact a qualified contractor who uses all the modern and up-to-date equipment as well as observing all State and National mold removal guidelines.

Removal and Prevention

Generally, mold inspection in Boston must comply with State regulations to assess the situation. They will make recommendations as to its safe removal and future prevention. In most situations, HEPA—high efficiency particulate air filtered—equipment is used to remove the contaminates. All items that could have been contaminated are removed from the premises and placed into the proper disposal containers. All horizontal and vertical surface are sanitized using EPA approved disinfectants. Surfaces such as wooden beams or exposed matierals are also treated with anti-bacterial chemicals. You should then receive a final report which indicates a before and after analysis of your property to ensure all the mold is gone.

mold inspection in Boston is an intrinsic part of keeping an industrial area or public area clean. Inspections are available by professionals who can sanitize your entire cooking system. Contact Synergy One Solutions for further information.