The Result Of High-Quality Lifting Clamps In The Workplace

by | Jul 18, 2014 | Business

Lifting clamps are a vital part of the lifting and rigging industries and without them many of the processes which are accomplished on a daily basis would be much more difficult or downright impossible. By choosing to use high-quality lifting clamps in NJ companies are able to show both customers and employees that they care about the process and not simply about results. Employees value this because it helps them stay safe in a relatively dangerous industry while customers understand that better clamps will yield less damage to the materials which are being lifted.

There is a fair amount of diversity in the types and uses of lifting clamps in NJ. All of these different types can benefit from using high-quality materials in the construction process. The GX clamps are drop forged and heat treated so that they will be strong enough to handle the massive loads which they are used to lift. They are designed to be used for both vertical and horizontal-to-vertical lifts which are commonly performed in the lifting industry. Making sure that these clamps are of high-quality will have a major impact on any workplace.

The screw adjusted cam plate clamps are a type of lifting clamps used in NJ which are recommended for jobs which require turning plates from horizontal to vertical or through a one hundred and eighty degree arc. These are possible to have custom made to handle higher working load limits and have wider grips and whenever custom clamps are made it is important that the producer is capable of replicating the quality of the standard clamps which are used on a daily basis and can be trusted through their experiences on a wide variety of work sites.

Regardless of which of the many types of lifting clamps in NJ you are looking to use it is important to insure that the quality is sufficient for the type of lift that you aim to accomplish. It can mean the difference between a successful lift and one that goes wrong which could cause damage to expensive materials or potentially injure one of the employees which is tasked with carrying out the lift or supervising the surrounding area. Both of these negative outcomes should be avoided at almost any cost in the lifting or rigging industry.

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