The Rules of Etiquette for Using Umbrellas

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After equipping yourself with one or more attractive, top quality umbrellas, make sure that you know how to use them without annoying the person next to you on the bus or poking the person standing next to you on the sidewalk. Take a look at a few suggestions for proper umbrella etiquette.

First, be sure to choose an umbrella that is the right size for your body size, the type of weather, and the neighborhood. If you live in a small town with a lot of rain, then an oversized umbrella may work well for you – even if you are shorter than most people. However, if you spend most of your day on the crowded streets of a busy city, then a smaller cover may be the most appropriate choice. Always look around before you open up the umbrella. No matter how big or small the span is, you can hurt someone if you open up when someone is standing near you.

Next, be aware that almost all quality umbrellas (good or bad) have either metal or plastic parts that can cause some discomfort if you happen to poke someone with them. If you are traveling with others, you may opt to share, so that each of you doesn’t require the common three feet of umbrella span. Proper umbrella manners would suggest that you tip away from those people who pass you and that you leave plenty of sidewalk space so that there is room to move around you. If you are tall and you pass a shorter person with an umbrella, then you should lift up as they hold their protection a bit lower.

Finally, before you enter a building, take a moment to tap off some of the water that you have collected on the arc of fabric or plastic. You should be able to shake off most of the rain outside. It is usually expected that you will close the umbrella before you go inside. In areas that experience a lot of rainfall, there may be plastic bags available to catch the rest of the rain or you can use the carrying case that most likely came as part of the package when you made your purchase. Once you have closed the umbrella, hold it with the tip down in order to avoid jabbing anyone who is near you. If your business or favorite shop doesn’t provide a stand, you can prop it against a wall in an out of the way corner along with the rest of the quality umbrellas.

Using good quality umbrellas is a great way to protect yourself from the rain or the sun. Just be sure to follow the rules of etiquette that polite owners of quality umbrellas should know.