The Services Provided by Commercial Air Conditioning in Northbrook Will Cool Your Business at the Least Cost

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Commercial air conditioning services are provided with the customer’s needs in mind. Sounds like something every HVAC company would do, but our company specializes in determining the exact size of the air conditioning unit or units that you need to keep your commercial activity cool in the summer with the least amount of energy costs.

Our expert technicians at commercial air conditioning in Northbrook make a thorough study of your building including the ceiling height and the number of windows. The square footage is important and we divide that number by 500. Then we multiply that number by 12,000 to find the number of BTUs needed to cool your space. This will determine the size of the unit you will need. A one ton air conditioning unit equates to 12,000 BTUs.

However, this number may be only part of the calculation because the walls are studied for insulation capabilities and the ceiling height is important to consider. The climate zone also is taken into consideration because the extreme hot weather will place a greater demand on the air conditioning unit. The type of roof on the building is considered because some roofs reflect the heat off of the building, and some roofs pull the heat in.

The commercial air conditioning in Northbrook analysis considers what type of computer equipment may be used in the building since computers are temperature sensitive. Other equipment may be in this category also. We also consider whether this equipment is in an isolated room that can be temperature controlled.

The efficiency of the unit is important in a commercial application. The SEER, or the Seasonal Energy Efficient Rating, is  the amount of energy required to operate the unit. The higher the SEER rating, the less energy required to accomplish the same amount of cooling. Our recommendation is 16 SEER or higher. The market has many commercial air conditioning brands, and selecting a unit will be determined by the size and the SEER as well as the reputation.

Our company provides excellent installation and 24/ service. Our work is guaranteed and the unit we install carries a guarantee that we support. We are committed to helping you select the best air conditioning unit for your building and the most cost-efficient unit.

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