The Top Supplier of The Best Vacuum Drying Oven in the United States

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Research facilities and laboratories need a lot of specialized equipment for their work. This equipment must be well made and exact in its performance because of the sensitivity of much of the tasks it performs. That is why only the best equipment from the most reliable of suppliers should be considered.

Across International supplies the equipment for material processing and heat treatment in laboratory settings. They are based in New Jersey and have over 15 years of experience in the business. Across International supplies many of the leading universities, companies and organizations in the country with the industrial manufacturing tools they need.

One of the main tools they offer are Vacuum Drying Ovens.  A vacuum oven is used for drying materials being used in laboratory studies. They are often used to dry samples and can also be utilized to change the chemical composition of some products.

These drying ovens are available from Across International in many different models, prices points and sizes. There are smaller, desktop versions and models with vacuum pumps and fittings included.  There are large vacuum dryers with multiple temperature controllers and many models with overheat protection, check valves and low-temp operation.

Across International has a large inventory of popular tools and equipment in addition to their Vacuum Drying Oven. They have furnaces, induction heaters and forced air drying ovens. They carry a line of the most up-to-date microscopes with 9-inch LCD screens, cameras and illumination systems. There are glove vacuums, ultrasonic cleaners and pellet presses and dies.

Smaller tools and materials are available as well, with multiple options available in most categories. There is a huge line of acid and solvent resilient mortars and pestles and accessories for all of their heavy-duty equipment.

Across International is frequently found at trade shows across the United States and in Canada. Contact them to learn more about their equipment and to get a quote on the materials you need. They ship products within two days of cleared payment and back everything they sell. Order your Vacuum Drying Oven from the top material processing equipment supplier in the country. Call Across International today.

Across International is the top supplier of the best vacuum drying oven in the United States. For more information visit Across International.