The Treatment of Gum Disease through Periodontics in Gilbert, AZ

Periodontitis is a bacterial disease that comes surreptitiously unannounced. People do not know they have it because it usually does not cause any pain. However, it is associated with bad breath, bleeding gums (when brushing or flossing), and/or loose teeth. All in all, the symptoms of periodontitis are very unpleasant. This ugly disease affects 85% of the world’s population to a varying degree, causing 70% of tooth loss. The only way to prevent this issue is to practice great oral hygiene or see a dentist who specializes in Periodontics in Gilbert, AZ.

Mouth care

The causes

Periodontitis is caused by the deposition of bacteria, plaque, and tartar in the gingival sulcus, which causes inflammation of the gum. Over the years, the destruction of the bone that supports the teeth occurs and periodontal pockets appear. The consequences of this process are not trivial. Reducing the bony support can cause tooth mobility, while the pockets themselves can become infected. This causes swelling, pain, and bone loss in a matter of days. Other factors that increase the risk include: heredity, smoking, and diabetes.


Periodontics in Gilbert, AZ should be taken seriously. Fortunately, periodontitis is relatively easy to diagnose. First, x-rays are performed to determine bone loss. Then, using a periodontal probe, dentists can see the pocket depth, assessing the stage of disease progression. Bleeding reflects inflammation, which also indicates the degree of bacterial activity. Finally, old fillings may be hindering the passage of dental floss. These must be filed down to prevent plaque buildup.


There are various treatments for periodontitis, whether it is surgically or non-surgically. Since each case is different, the best way to understand the advantages and disadvantages is to discuss the issues with a dentist who specializes in Periodontics in Gilbert, AZ. No matter what you choose to do, the long-term success of treatment depends entirely on maintenance. Studies have shown that impeccable hygiene and good scaling every three months provide the best prognosis.


Prevention will always surpass the best treatments. In 90% of cases, periodontitis could have been avoided by good brushing sessions twice a day. In fact, those who flossed and rinsed their mouth with a mouthwash every day also saw a remarkable improvement of their oral health. For more information about Periodontics in Gilbert AZ, contact your local dentist today.