The Two Types of Adoption that Birth Parents Can Use

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For most parents, newborn adoption is something fulfilling. However, without the right assistance, the process can be so challenging. As a birth parent, you can use either open adoption or closed adoption.

Open adoption

This is the most popular and chosen adoption when both the adoptive and birth parents would like to know one another so they can actively take part in the both the pregnancy and birth of the child.

In this adoption, the birth mother attempts to see and know more about the adoptive parents. This helps her to know that her baby will be in caring hands and so, she can decide to give the baby for adoption.

On the other hand, the adoptive parents get to know more about the birth mother; who she is, and her family history, and why she’s giving the child for adoption. The adoptive parents need this information so they can share it with the adopted child should they ever be curious.

Adoptive parents also participate in doctor’s appointments in addition to labor and delivery. In most cases, children get their own book containing pictures of their adoptive parents and birth parents together as they celebrate their birth.

Moreover, they get to hear more about their adoption story and how everyone was compelled by love for them right from birth. According to experts, open adoption helps to build self esteem in adopted kids.

In this adoption, adoptive parents and birth parents generally say goodbye while at the hospital. After that, future communication is restricted to letter and picture exchanges just to let everyone know about the whereabouts of everyone else. In some cases, however, all the parties may want to extend an open relationship even after birth.

Closed Adoption

This takes place when the prospective adoptive parents and the birth parents do not know one another. In most cases, there is no exchange of any information. Those who cherish privacy should choose closed adoption.

If You Are Expecting a Baby, Consider Adoption

For most women who have become pregnant unexpectedly, adoption is one of the best solutions. However, before giving your baby for adoption, ensure you contact a reputable adoption agency to get more information about the process. Through the agency, you will get to know more about the potential adoptive parents. It is essential that you leave your child in the hands of caring parents. Remember, it is your responsibility to comb through different profiles to find the right adoptive parents for your child, even if you do not wish to maintain contact after birth.

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