The Unparalleled Importance of Industrial Safety Shoes

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In almost all industries, feet and toes are exposed to various hazards and dangers. Thus, safety shoes cannot be ignored. Industrial areas are full of all types of hazards but work has to be done, anyway.

For protection especially to feet and toes, industrial safety shoes are recommended. According to the working environment, there is a variety of safety boots including insulated boots, steel toe boots, waterproof boots and chemical resistance boots.

Before deciding on any pair of boots, you should first identify the potential risk you or your workers are exposed to. Then you can choose from the range offered in the market. Each type is specially made for certain environments and conditions.

Types of Industrial Safety Shoes

  • Insulated boots – Are specially manufactured to be used in areas generating a lot of heat. This boots are poor conductors of heat hence they keep away excessive heat while maintaining favorable temperatures within feet. They greatly minimize injuries and other conditions which may be caused by excessive heat. They are commonly used by fire fighters and workers who work under high temperature conditions.
  • Steel toe boots – These are most suitable in construction industries where there are high chances of falling objects or stones. Normally have steel toe cup fitted that protects the feet from pressure of any accidental falling objects. They also protect the workers from sharp objects found in construction sites.
  • Waterproof boots – Are commonly used by farmers. Can also be used by industrial workers working on wet floors or watery environment. Also ideal for greenhouse workers. These special types of boots protect feet against water, coldness and water communicable diseases. Also, they offer significant protection to feet and toes against injury.
  • Chemical resistance boots – Are mainly used by industrial workers who deal with chemicals and chemical production. Protect feet against the hazardous effects of certain chemicals.
  • Gamma rays proof boots – These are specifically manufactured and used by workers exposed to radioactive rays which are very dangerous and can cause cancer, growths or abnormalities by affecting the genetic material once they penetrate into body. Thus, great care should be taken all time by wearing this boots

In addition to protection, industrial safety boots should also offer comfort to the feet. They should be reliable, strong but light and of high quality. These safety shoes or boots have reduced the number of injuries and increased the efficiency of workers in their daily routines.

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