The Use of Mechano Growth Factor for Muscle Repair

by | Nov 7, 2012 | Health & Fitness

As you consider your options for successful muscle building, you will find a long list of peptides that state they promote the growth and recovery of muscles during and after your workout. One of the most commonly used peptides for this purpose is IGF-1 LR3. However, you can also use mechano growth factor to create an even greater impact to the exercise regimen you are using to build up your muscle mass.

What Does MGF Do?

When you make use of mechano growth factor, you will see many benefits that will help you build your muscles up more quickly than simple exercise alone. When you are working out, your muscles tear and must repair themselves, resulting in the bulk you are looking for. When you use MGF as part of your training regimen, you are helping your muscles repair themselves more quickly by triggering new cell growth so your muscles can improve the rate at which they repair.

Short Half-Life

One of the most frequent concerns with mechano growth factor is its half-life. If you were to use MGF on its own, you would find it would only last a few minutes, which isn’t enough time to have the impact you desire. To prolong the life of the MGF, it is important to use a protective element to ensure the peptide can be effective. One of the most commonly used elements to combine with the MGF peptide is polyethylene glycol. Combining these two elements increases the potency and reduces the treatment frequency.

Method of Treatment

Many of the peptides used for muscle building are injected intramuscularly to be the most effective. Thus, many people also use MGF in the same way, especially when it is combined with the polyethylene glycol. However, if you aren’t looking for such a deep injection, there is no evidence that the use of this peptide by subcutaneous injection is any less effective.

Going through the process of building your muscles can take a long time if you don’t use the right peptides for the job. While the mechano growth factor peptide has a short half-life, making it difficult to use, when you combine it with the right elements, you will be able to make use of its positive properties through either intramuscular or subcutaneous injection. With the protectant combined with MGF, you will experience the results you desire without having to constantly inject MGF.

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