The Various Types of Lily Bulbs

by | Jun 17, 2013 | Home & Garden

Lilies are flowers almost anyone can recognize, even in their different forms. There are nine categories into which they can fall, but they all have a general look of elegance and a tell-tale fragrance even the novice gardener could recognize. Because they are available in such a large number of heights, colors and styles, many gardeners use several types in their landscape. Before you purchase lily bulbs, you should know the type of flower you would like.

Asiatic Lilies

The easiest lily among the many available is the Asiatic. This hardy flower has a rather long stem, which makes it possible to plant these lily bulbs down further into the soil, giving it ultimate protection from the elements. This type of flower does multiply rather easily, making it important to choose your location wisely to ensure the entire area is not taken over by one type of flower. This variety typically doesn’t get tall, which enables you to plant them in pots or even use them as cut flower varieties inside your home.

Oriental Lilies

Oriental lilies will require a bit of protection from the elements because of their high stature. Reaching almost six feet tall, it is best to stake these flowers when they start growing to protect them from harsh wind or strong storms. There are many varieties of this type of flower, but the most common is the Casa Blanca lily, which is a beautiful white, fragrant flower.

Trumpet Lilies

It is easy to determine how trumpet lilies received their name when you see their trumpet shape. These flowers are another beautiful addition to any landscape but also require plenty of protection from the elements because they can grow as tall as eight feet. Simply staking them should keep away any harm, allowing them to provide you with the amazing fragrance lilies are most commonly known for.

If you love the look of Easter lilies or many wedding bouquets, chances are you have seen and fallen in love with lilies. Before you plant lily bulbs in your garden, you should take the time to determine which type you like the most. Each of the nine categories blooms at different times of the year and provides flowers for varying lengths of time. If you plan your garden right, you can have lilies throughout the entire blooming season by planting various types in one area.

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