The Vigilanz Incident Reporting System in Hospitals

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Vigilanz is the clinical surveillance company that has long been regarded as the leader in infection control and monitoring and pharmacy surveillance and they are now branching out to Risk and Claims, Compliance, and Patient Relations. They are doing this in the form of a new excellent event reporting solution system. Until now, the incident reporting system in hospitals has been hit-and-miss at best. However, now that Viglianz is on the scene, the good incident reporting system in hospitals is now totally streamlined, totally improving the bottom line of hospitals and helping the patient experience be that much better. Here are some of the great things to keep in mind about this new software:

Excellent New Capabilities

Vigilanz Corporation prides itself on this new incident reporting system primarily it offers users the ability to engage in automated event capture, form auto-population that will expedite all documentation, and enhance visibility into all hospital events. This will lead to improvement opportunities that will have deep integration, leading to an online interface and hospital dashboard that is rich in data.

A Dynamic Safety Surveillance

The best thing about Vigilanz’s safety surveillance capabilities is that they offer event reporting through real-time events, auto-detection, and a comprehensive investigation and management interface. When you couple that with the streamlined process of entering claims and budgets, you have a system that is unparalleled in its field.

It is time for your hospital to enter into the 21st Century, and they can do so with this excellent new software Vigilanz software. Contact Vigilanz Corporation at and their team of professionals will show you how Vigilanz can become a tremendous asset for your hospital team.