There are many types of decorative fences

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A fence does not have to be an unattractive enclosure, your home is not a prison yard where the primary concern is ultra high security, it is possible to provide acceptable levels of security and still have an extremely attractive fence around your home. Stockade fences are a type of privacy fence that many people chose as they provide security and add a decorative touch around the property. A fence company in Atlanta, GA can work with you and design a fence that compliments the style of your home. Split rail fences for example, add a certain rustic look to a suburban home and are complimentary to various landscaping styles and schemes. Picket fences are popular as a way to demarcate one’s property line and still maintain the aesthetics of the entire neighborhood. Many properties which include a historic home will elect to use wrought iron fencing due to its period design.

A popular choice for a decorative fence in Atlanta, GA with added dimension is a privacy fence. These fences are normally constructed of wood or vinyl and are often about six feet tall, tall enough to provide complete privacy to the homeowner. These types of fences are very popular for those who have a swimming pool in the yard; it not only hides the activities from people passing by the property but it keeps unwanted animals from the area and insures that children cannot enter the enclosure unaccompanied.

Originally split rail fences were found on farms, they were erected to keep cattle in certain pastures. With the introduction of new materials, now suburbanites can mimic the design which allows the property to be defined without blocking any view and they are very complimentary to ranch style houses. Split rail fences have two, three or four horizontal rails that are either set between posts or set on top of one another in a zigzag pattern depending on the space available.

Many historic homes will use wrought iron fencing which is extremely complimentary to period properties. A good fence company in Atlanta, GA can design and fabricate very elaborate iron fences complete with scroll work and decorative post tops. There is no better fence than a wrought iron fence to give a home curb appeal while still providing security.