There is More to Your Floors than Meets the Eye with Radiant Heat

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When it comes to choosing the flooring for your home, appearance and durability immediately come to mind. You want beautiful floors that will hold up over the years, but you can also use your floors as a heat source. A top-quality heated floor kit can turn any floor into a warm and useful surface.

Consistent Heat

Heated floors directly heat the intended area without any energy loss. Traditional furnaces can lose a lot of their warmth through the ducts and baseboards in your home. When the floor is the heat source, that warm air rises. Eventually, the room enjoys an evenly distributed heat.

A Good Investment

Heated floors can last as much as 35 years longer than a traditional furnace will. In addition to providing a good return on your investment, these floors are cost-effective. The warm air they create will radiate upward so that you can turn your thermostats down.


When compared to other heating alternatives, a heated floor allows you to easily arrange the furniture in a room. Many rooms are limited on space, and placing the furniture becomes more difficult when working around vents. Heated floors can also be used in a home additions instead of running new ductwork.

The next time you are considering new floors, discuss with your contractor how a heated floor kit can improve your home’s warmth and efficiency. In addition to an attractive flooring, you can have the perfect source for additional heat on those chilly days or long winter nights.