There’s a Zebra ID Card Printer for You

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Over the last few decades, companies have been deploying smart device technology to improve operations and track identification information in real time. These technologies include barcodes, passive and active Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), Global Positioning System (GPS), magnetic stripe, and environmental sensors.

Zebra’s Product Portfolio
By utilizing these technological advancements, Zebra printers are more effective than ever. Zebra has a 40-year track record and an impressive portfolio of identification, printing and tracking products to meet every business need. Zebra products can turn physical information into digital data and provide you virtual access to the data.

Zebra’s ID Card Printers
Zebra’s advanced ID Card Printers support many industries including healthcare, manufacturing, retail, consumer goods, transportation & logistics, government, healthcare, and education. Zebra ID Card Printers can help you improve security, increase employee productivity, enhance customer service and simplify access control.
Creating secure and track-able badges and ID cards is quicker, simple-to-use and more accurate with a Zebra ID Card Printer, making checking-in and managing customers, employees, guests and VIPs much faster and friendlier.

Here’s one Zebra success story:
For 85,000 students, City College of San Francisco produces student ID cards in 15 seconds versus the 90 seconds it took before. This was done with Zebra printers, which also eliminated the 1-in-3 defective cards that had to re-done, all saving more than 2,000 staff hours. According to Chinh Nguyen, IS administrator, “At the beginning of every semester, students formed long lines that spilled out the doorway of the admissions office. This caused concern with facility management as the students were causing congestion and creating potential fire code violations.” Now, student and staff registration hours have been significantly reduced and the savings have been redirected to other tasks. Based on future plans with Zebra, students will use their IDs as debit cards for bookstore and on-campus dining charges and eventually link IDs to local businesses for student discounts and deals.

Plenty of Options
With Zebra, you can choose from a wide range of single- or dual-sided color card printers; you can select wireless or wired network connectivity; you can choose from smart card to magnetic stripe to lamination depending on your needs. From the vividness of the color to the sharp-resolution of logos and photographs, the quality of the printing is high and the Zebra technology produces fast, reliable outcomes.

Whether it’s for employee ID badges to club membership cards, gift cards to ski passes, or driver’s licenses to credit cards, there is a Zebra ID Card Printer to meet your unique organizational or business needs.

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