They Measure Success by a Simple Standard — Customer Satisfaction

by | Sep 2, 2021 | Home Improvement

The beauty of wooden acoustical tiles from ceilings to walls cannot be overstated in their versatility, sustainability, and efficiency.


Buildings are not designed to be just boxes. They have curves, vaulted ceilings, beams, panels — whatever the mind conceives is designed. Whether it is a ready-to-ship product or custom-made, wooden acoustical tiles designed to adapt or to be adapted to many different functions or activities are limited only by the customer’s imagination.

Linear is just one of the systems available that presents that monolithic wood appearance and is available in four system styles:

• Linear Open;

• Linear Closed;

• Linear Veneered; and

• Linear Panelized.

Other magnificent systems include:

• Panel Grille;

• Cubes;

• Squares;

• Accent Beams;

• Flat Veneer Panels; and more.

All are available in various wood species and finishes. these elegant products must be experienced to be truly appreciated.

A growing element of customer satisfaction centers around environmental corporate social responsibility.

simply means to continue a specific behavior indefinitely.

Environmental sustainability focuses on the harvest, pollution creation and the depletion of non-renewable resources to ensure production can continue indefinitely. These acoustical tile systems meet the sustainability standard.

The efficiency of wooden acoustical tiles is more than a measure of the product’s ability to perform as an ultimate combination of sound-control, installation, care and maintenance.

from the customer’s satisfaction viewpoint includes support when and where the customer needs it. It means innovative custom designs to achieve that dream project.

Versatility, sustainability, and efficiency are interwoven into the manufacturing of these sustainable products for the customer to experience for years if not decades.

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