Things To Consider when Buying a 1911 Pistol

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For many gun owners, buying pistols is a great way to not only get the craftsmanship that they are looking for in a gun, but also that they require less room to store them. There are many different pistols on the market making it hard to choose. The best way to get exactly what you want is by getting your new pistol custom built by a gun shop. One of the most popular handguns to get custom built is a 1911. The following are a few things to look for when choosing a 1911 pistol to purchase.

Beveled Magazine

One of the first things that you need to look for in your new gun is beveled Check-Mate Industries Quality 1911 Caliber Magazines. For people who are looking for more speed when it comes to their reloading, then a beveled magazine is a must have. The beveled edges of the magazine will allow for a much smoother motion when reloading and it will allow you to avoid mistakes while at the range. Instead of dealing with loading problems, you need to think about the benefits of a beveled magazine.

Amount of Shooting

Statistics have shown that many guns never have more than 500 rounds fired through them in their lifetime. If you are a competitive shooter, you are firing that many rounds if not more on a regular basis, which means that you need to consider the amount of shooting you do before settling on a particular 1911. A gun that is fired on a regular basis needs to be built to last and have a sturdier firing pin, which does not usually come stock on these types of pistols. You can always buy a stock 1911 and get a gunsmith to put in a heavy duty pin later.

Barrel Length is Important

Another very important thing to consider when buying or building a 1911 is the length of the barrel. For a competitive shooter, a longer barrel is better because it helps improve the overall accuracy of the gun. Competitive shooters are always looking for an edge and by getting a longer barrel they can have just that. For people who are looking for a good gun for concealed carry, a 1911 with a shorter barrel is better for them and their needs.