Things to Consider When Replacing your AC

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Your home’s central Air Conditioning Franklin TN is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make, whether you’re building from scratch or replacing your current AC system. Once your system is working, it may be ten years or more before it needs replacing–and since you’ll be using it for a long time, you should choose carefully. Click here for some points to consider during the selection process.

Go with a contractor you trust. Unless you’re an AC expert yourself, you can easily end up paying for more (or less) than you need. Don’t go with the contractor you find in the phone book, or the one stuffing flyers into mailboxes–find an air conditioning installer that’s been in business for at least five years and demonstrates a commitment to your community.

Follow the contractor’s advice. It’s easy to rely on others’ recommendations, but you shouldn’t base your decision upon them entirely. Once you hire an installer, ask for their input; your contractor may be able to recommend a better unit than the one you’ve chosen. Contractors also know which models come with the best warranties.

Buy the right size AC for your home. Your contractor should know about your area’s climate, and they should thoroughly assess the structure of your home. An installer who knows the placement and condition of your air ducts can help you determine what size unit you need.
Consider revamping your ductwork. Even the most modern and energy efficient unit won’t work well if your ductwork is poor. Up to 33% of the energy it takes to run your Air Conditioning Franklin TN escapes through your ductwork, and your contractor can help you reconnect, reseal and patch any worn or punctured spots.

Think about more than just the price of the system. The lowest bid you receive may come from a contractor that hasn’t had a chance to inspect your filtration system and ductwork, and their guarantee may not last long enough. If the technician recommends just replacing your unit with one of the same size without inspecting your ductwork and other components, consider hiring someone else.