Things to Think About Before Transferring Patient Data Between EHRs

by | May 6, 2020 | Health

The process of transferring patient records from one EHR to another is known as data migration. Successful EHR data migration requires some forethought before transferring records.

Who Manages the Migration

If your practice has an IT department does it have enough time to learn the new EHR system and handle the data migration? Data migration is time-consuming so using a company that specializes in transferring EHR records maybe your best option.

Whose Records Get Transferred

Deciding what patients’ records are added to the new system is called filtering. Are the records of deceased or inactive patients to be transferred? What dates do you use to filter the records that are transferred last visit, charge, or appointment? The key is to be certain the data for the EHR data migration is accurate.

Matching Patient Records

The records in the new EHR need to match the records in the original EHR. Duplicate patient records need to be cleared from the original system. A criterion for matching records needs to be chosen. Do you use the patient’s first last or middle name? You might choose to use the patient’s DOB or SSN.

Setting a Schedule

The length of time required to complete the migration needs to be calculated. That formula considers the entry system that will be used, and the amount of data being transferred.

Do You Need to Crosswalk Records

It needs to be determined if records need to be mapped (cross walking) so they are identical in both EHR systems.

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