Things Your Divorce Lawyer in Minneapolis, MN, Must Include in Divorce Settlement

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MSA (marital settlement agreement) is a comprehensive document that outlines the agreement between the spousal partners. It is important to ask your divorce lawyer in Minneapolis, MN, to create a detailed document since it’s submitted to the court and can directly impact the divorce judgment. For instance, it’s important to add parenting schedules, monetary insurance, and much more.

An In-Depth Parenting Time Schedule

If you have kids, it is important to devise a parenting time schedule and add it to the divorce settlement. Many people don’t create it because they think they will work it out with the partner later but it often results in parenting disputes. The parenting time schedule will outline who will have the kid’s custody, for how long and when the other parent can meet the kid and the holiday schedule.


A divorce attorney in Minneapolis, MN, should add details about the desired child and alimony support. For this purpose, you will need to provide the current income and how much income can be used for calculating the support costs. In addition, it must outline the monthly date for making support transactions and for how long it will be paid for. In case you want alimony support, you must add if it needs to be a long-term or limited-time obligation.

Life Insurance

If you or the spouse has to pay for the alimony or child support, it’s important to add information about maintaining the life insurance and how much each person will pay. The divorce lawyer in Minneapolis, MN, can name the other person as a beneficiary to secure the child support or alimony to make sure you keep receiving the child support and alimony if the spouse passes away after the divorce.