Three Factors to Help You Pick a Great Student Apartment at the University of Florida

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Are you considering moving into one of the University of Florida apartments off-campus? If you are, it can be a great decision, thanks to the added privacy and bigger world it connects you to. This is probably your first time trying to find an apartment, and it can be confusing and overwhelming. The following are three things to consider when you are choosing your next place to live.

1. Distance – One of the most important factors when choosing your University of Florida apartments off-campus is the commute. Don’t choose one that is too far away from your classes. Before you sign a lease, do the drive from the apartments to the school during rush hour. If it takes too long, choose somewhere else. The last thing you want to do is spend a huge chunk of your day driving back and forth.

2. Cost – Add up your cost for room and board in the dorms. Don’t forget to include your mandatory meal plan and other incidental costs of living in the dorms. You can then compare this with your upcoming lease and utilities to determine if you are actually going to save money. You might be surprised to learn that you are almost certainly going to spend less when you move out of the dorms.

3. Security – Try to live in a gated community or at least one with a well-lit parking lot at night. While Gainesville is mostly safe, there is no harm in being as careful as possible.

Use these three tips to choose a great place to live at Redpoint Gainesville. You can learn about everything they have to offer residents on their website at