Three Frequently Asked Questions About Bail Bonds in Van Zandt County, Texas

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You just got the phone call you have been dreading. Your 18 year old has been arrested on suspicion of a crime. You’ve been trying to get him to follow a straight and narrow path, but he’s fought you every step of the way, so you expected this day to come. What you didn’t expect was that you would need a bail bondsman to assist you in getting him released from jail. You don’t know what to expect, how the process works, what information the bondsman will need, and more. Here are three frequently asked questions concerning bail bonds in Van Zandt County Texas.

How do I obtain a bail bond? There are actually four ways to obtain a bail bond. You may ask that the judge release the accused on his or her own recognizance, put the money up for the bond, use an asset as collateral with the court, or contact a company offering bail bonds in Van Zandt County Texas. This choice is often made based on a person’s current financial situation.

What information with the company need to process my request? You will need to know the amount of the bail, if possible. If you don’t have this information, the company offering bail can obtain it for you, but having it already makes the process easier. In addition, you’ll need to know where the person is being held, and his or her full name and booking number, when possible.

What can I do if the defendant fails to show up in court? This should be a concern of anyone putting up bail, as they are the one who will lose money in this situation. There are many steps which may be taken, such as finding the defendant yourself or hiring someone to find the defendant for you. The bail bondsman can discuss your options in further detail.

When you find yourself in need of bail bonds in Van Zandt County Texas, contact Business Name. This bond agent offers payment plans, house calls, transportation, and more. You are in a difficult situation, as you want to help your son as quickly as possible, in the hope this will straighten him out. The bond agent remains available 24 hours a day to help achieve this goal. Call now and get the process started.