Three Important Reasons Why You Need a Backup Home Generator Right Now

Being prepared for an outage is a smart move under any circumstances. Some households want an emergency backup generator because having a source of power is convenient. Others require a backup source for specific reasons. If any of the following applies to you, now is the time to invest in a generator.

Protecting Your Medication

Do you or any members of your family take prescription medications that must be kept cold? If so, a power outage could place your health in danger. The best approach is to have a generator on hand that can be put to good use the moment that the power goes out. Even if the outage persists for hours or even a couple of days, you can rest assured that the medication is stable and will remain effective.

Keeping Food from Spoiling

You’re the type who likes to keep a freezer full of good things to eat. If the outage lasts more than a few hours, there’s a real danger of losing all that food. Along with the expense of replacing spoiled meats and other goods, there’s the fact that you may not have much left to eat during a time when the supermarkets will be low on different items.

With an emergency backup generator, you can ensure the food stays frozen. It also means that you can prepare nutritious meals while the outage continues. The same energy that keeps the freezer running will also allow you to use your electric oven and range.

Ensuring There’s Power for Communication

The battery power for your phone and computer will only last so long. If you have an emergency backup generator, there’s the power to ensure those devices remain ready for use. That backup source of power also means that the router used for your home network still functions. That’s especially important if you work from home and have things to do while the power company restores service.

Do you need to ensure there’s a source of power even if the main grid is out? Now is the time to call the team at Walter Danley Electrical Contracting LLC and learn more about our generator options.