Three Signs That Homeowners Need to Hire a Roofer in Hoffman Estates

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How long have you lived in your home? If you have lived there for a while, it might be time to start thinking about the condition of your roof. Your roof is something that is much more important to you than you realize. That is until something goes wrong with it. That’s when you realize its importance. Here are three signs that you need to hire a roofer in Hoffman Estates.

1. Spongey – If you are walking on your roof and notice that it’s spongey in some areas, moisture is getting under the shingles into the padding. This can become a disaster over time if you don’t have it addressed. It could even lead to the roof collapsing, so call a roofer in Hoffman Estates if you notice this.

2. Shingle Dust – Are you noticing shingle dust in the gutters or on the ground around your home. The shingles are the roof’s first line of defense against the elements. Once they start to go, it’s only a matter of time before the rest of the roof has issues.

3. Leaks – Go into your attic under the roof, turn off the lights, and look for light beams coming through. These are leaks. Anywhere light can get through, moisture can get through as well. This leads to mold and other problems in your attic.

These three instances are a clear sign you need to hire professional roofers at Showalter Roofing Services. Learn more about what they do by visiting their website today.