Three Signs Your Truck Tires Need to be Replaced in New Jersey

Three Signs Your Truck Tires Need to be Replaced in New Jersey When is the last time you took a good look at your truck’s tires? If you have had the same tires for a couple of years, it may be time to look. After all, the tires are the most important safety feature on a vehicle as the only part of the truck that actually touches the surface it’s driving on. If you want to keep your tires in good condition, look out for these signs your tires need to be replaced.

You Can’t Keep the Tire Pressure Up

Are you noticing that you have to fill your tire with air every few days or even more often? This is a clear sign that you have a slow leak somewhere in that tire that either needs to be repaired or replaced. These leaks can usually be fixed unless they are in the sidewall. If there is a leak in the sidewall, you will need to visit a location for truck tire sales in New Jersey for a replacement.

Bulges or Cracks

If you are seeing cracks or bulges in the sidewall of your tire, it needs to be replaced. This can happen for a variety of reasons like being too dry, or over or under-inflated for an extended period. Start shopping at a store for truck tire sales in New Jersey immediately if you notice this issue.


Stick a penny in the tread of your tire. If it doesn’t cover at least half of the coin, the tread is getting bare and the tire needs to be replaced as soon as possible. If your truck needs new tires, contact B&L Recovery & Towing for guidance today.