Three Situations Where You Need a New Roof In Fairview

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Your roof isn’t something that you think about until something goes wrong with it. When something does go wrong with your roof, it’s usually a significant disaster. This is because your roof is your home’s primary protection against the weather. You may need a new roof and not even know it. The following are three signs you need to call a Fairview roofing contractor for a replacement.

1. It’s Old – Check the manufacturer warranty on your roof. They usually have an age associated with them to indicate what they think their lifespan should be. Most Fairview roofing contractors suggest you replace a roof when it is at around 85% of its suggested lifespan. So, it’s time to get a new roof when you’re 25-year roof is about 20 years old. If you wait too long, you could have some significant issues.

2. Constant Repairs – If you are finding yourself calling a pro for repairs regularly, the costs are starting to add up. These frequent repairs mean you need a replacement. It’s not uncommon for them to add up to the point that the repairs end up costing more than a replacement would.

3. It’s Leaking – If you see moisture collecting in your attic or in the home itself, it means your roof is probably leaking. These problems will keep recurring unless you replace your roof.

Call a pro for a replacement quote right away if you are experiencing any of these issues. Showalter Roofing Services has the experience needed to help with any roofing job. Learn more about what they do by visiting Showalter Roofing Services, Inc. today.