Three Things to Consider Before You Hire a Crane for Your Chicago Project

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Before you hire any crane company in Chicago, you’ll want to make sure the company you hire can handle the job. Every site is different, requiring cranes that can handle specific environments. You’ll save time and money by finding a company that has the right equipment on hand to do the work you need to be done on your specific job site.

Consider the Site’s Terrain

Some cranes aren’t designed to maneuver on rough, rocky, or hilly terrain, and using them in an unsuitable environment can increase safety hazards. It can also interfere with the efficiency of the work, forcing you to miss important deadlines. When you need work done in an area with rough terrain, look for rough terrain or all-terrain cranes.

Know the Job Site Size

Another factor to consider is the size and location of your job site. If you’re working in an urban environment and the lot is small, you’ll need a crane that can operate in a confined space. Look for a company that has cranes capable of making tight turns and working in a limited amount of space.

Compare Height and Weight Capabilities

Each type of crane has different limitations in terms of the weight it can safely lift and the maximum height it can reach. Search for a crane company in Chicago that has the equipment that can safely move objects as heavy or large as the materials you need to move. It’s also important to make sure the maximum height capability meets your needs.

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