Three Warning Signs of Plant Pests Around Your Farm in Marks, MS

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It’s easy to tell when bugs are bugging you, but what about your crops? Insects are more than just a nuisance to plants. A pest problem on your farm can easily wipe out entire fields of crops overnight, so watch for three warning signs that pests are plaguing your plants.

Wilting and Drooping

Leaves that wilt, droop or fall are a sure sign that you need pest management services in Marks MS. When insects feed on the sap from plants, they deplete nutrients and cause the plants to lose their leaves.

Holes and Chew Marks

While holes and chew marks might seem like an obvious sign of a pest infestation, many people attribute the ragged appearance of their plants to other factors like weather. Too many holes in your plants’ leaves can keep them from getting enough nourishment from the sun, so this is a problem that shouldn’t be ignored.

Honeydew on Leaves

You might overlook small drops of honeydew on your plants, but this substance is a sign that you need to consider pest management services in Marks, MS. Aphids and other sap-sucking pests leave clear, sticky honeydew behind after feeding.

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